Washington DC Vacations

Washington Dc Vacations

Spirit of Washington, D.C.

The nation's capital is more exciting than ever! New museums have opened to showcase special collections and the hallowed World War II memorial now graces the National Mall. Learn more about the history of the nation's capital and the Smithsonian Institution, the world's largest museum complex. Enjoy special programs at Smithsonian museums, including the National Museum of the American Indian and National Museum of American History. Visit the impressive Library of Congress and view the venerable monuments to past Presidents. In addition, enjoy unscheduled time to pursue individual interests. Washington, DC is known for its excellent theater, music and sumptuous restaurants.

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Tour Highlights

As a symbol of democracy and repository of American history, Washington, D.C. holds a unique place in the hearts and minds of the American people. During talks by local historians, take a closer look at the Smithsonian Institution - the world's largest museum complex - and discover how Washington, D.C. developed along the Potomac River.

Learn about the history of the Smithsonian from the intriguing bequest by the English scientist James Smithson in 1829 to the present-day complex of museums and research centers.

A Smithsonian historian tells the intimate story of the nation's capital, featuring a look back at the ideals and practical issues that underlay the city's establishment.

We partner with Smithsonian Journeys to bring you learning tours through Smithsonian Journeys Travel Adventures. These tours bring you expert local scientists, historians and artists to illuminate your travels with lectures and demonstrations. (Courtesy Washington DC Vacations)

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